August 9-15 2020

This week in everything pop culture, in a bite sized format!

7 months ago

August 9-15 2020

Welcome back to another episode of Entertainment Bites! Your source of everything pop culture in a easy to digest format! This week we've had many reboots being announced such as a clueless tv reboot and a fresh prince of bel air drama reboot. The #freefortnite is trending with the drama that's been happening between Epic and the app stores. Sadly some games being delayed into 2021, a notable one being Halo infinite. Don't forget to follow us under @ebites_pod on twitter, instagram, and tiktok to keep up with the show and any updates we have! If you liked this weeks episode make sure to subscribe to us and give us a rating. It really helps us out! If we miss anything let us know! Come back every Sunday at 8PM EST for your weekly pop culture round up!

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